The African Pulse

Collaborations include:

Growth International

The African Pulse is supported by Growth International (link opens in a new window), a UK training company through their ‘corporate social responsibility’ policy. Growth International (link opens in a new window) has a strong commitment to global corporate responsibility through its work in the UK and in South Africa, and has recently been awarded Business in the Community’s “CommunityMark”.


This Cape Town media production company has supported The African Pulse team’s move to South Africa and offered expertise in a number of areas.

Department of Education

The African Pulse strives to adhere to government objectives relating to HIV/AIDS education with a ‘Wellness’ approach. A relationship with the Department of Education (link opens in a new window) at national, provincial and regional levels is essential to ensure constructive progress. The regional EMDC department was involved in the pilot of the Pulse resources in February 2005. The African Pulse is currently working with the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) (link opens in a new window) to develop an educational package for distribution to primary schools in the Western Cape in 2006. A local South African company is sponsoring this roll-out.

The African Pulse has developed a framework to coordinate the appropriate non-governmental partners with the same vision. The African Pulse aims to facilitate an exchange of needs and objectives between these platforms. The African Pulse therefore strives to form appropriate partnerships and collaborations with other service providers to ensure that needs are met in an effective and sustainable way and duplication or waste does not occur.

Our partners in the NGO sector include:

The Schools Development Unit, at the University of Cape Town

The SDU (link opens in a new window) has been a partner of The African Pulse for three years and provide our in-country office accomodation besides valuable expertise in subjects across the curriculum, materials development and educator training.

AREPP Theatre for Life

AREPP (link opens in a new window) develops resilient youth and enhance life skills through the medium of drama. Their school tours involve a live fun-filled and interactive theatre performance followed by a facilitated discussion with the learners (Grades R – 12) and educators. To develop their programme and increase their impact, AREPP aim to partner with relevant service providers to produce materials that complement their work. The Pulse resources have the potential to strengthen this product and extend the impact in schools by providing character/ story driven interactive programmes that creates more sustainable outcomes.

We have also worked with:


The Western Cape Education Department’s IT programme, Khanya (link opens in a new window) equips schools in the Western Cape with computer laboratories and a two year programme to support and train educators. Currently, Khanya only provide schools with Maths and Science software though are interested in expanding to incorporate other learning areas. This organisation can ensure the sustainability of The African Pulse CD-ROM in schools.