The African Pulse

Feroza’s Story is a resource designed to support teachers in the delivery of Life Skills and HIV&AIDS education. This intermediate phase resource is aligned to the South African curriculum and will provide fresh and exciting approaches to re-engage your learners in this topic.

Are you faced with any of the situations below?

  • Learners affected by HIV&AIDS
  • Lack of information amongst students regarding HIV&AIDS;
  • Students tired of hearing about HIV/AIDS – they think they know everything;
  • Not enough time to teach life skills and HIV&AIDS;
  • Teaching HIV&AIDS is difficult and unenjoyable;
  • Lack of sufficient relevant, trained resources to assist.

Feroza’s Story can solve this for you because our package is:

  • Innovative and fresh;
  • Engaging and fun for children and educators;
  • A non-threatening approach to HIV/AIDS education;
  • Aligned to the South African national curriculum;
  • Easy to use and integrate into all curriculum areas (maths, languages, science, arts and culture etc);
  • Learner-centric;
  • Informative.

Find out more about our resources at SPLK-1001. Order a copy for your school by contacting us at our South African office and enquiring about educator training in your area.

Use our enquiry form to order a package. The package is available for R475.


The African Pulse conducts teacher training at South African schools on how to use Feroza’s Story as well as the facilitation of HIV&AIDS education in the classroom.