Feroza, our flagship profject, is an educational multimedia package, designed as a new and innovative method for teaching about HIV&AIDS. It is a flexible, cross-curricular, outcome-based kit that can be used both inside and outside the classroom.

Feroza’s Story was designed as an edutainment resource consisting of:

  • a CD-ROM
  • a Comic Book
  • a Student’s Activity Book
  • a Facilitator’s Guide

The resources are primarily aimed at school children in South Africa between the ages of 8 and 14. They can also be adapted to suit an older age group and are useful for NGO’s to use with older students or teenagers in after-school clubs.

The resources tell the simple story of ‘Feroza’ who strives to find out more about HIV & AIDS. The CD-ROM and comic book may be used independently of one another. The activity book expands on the topics and learning initiated in the CD-ROM and the comic and creates a platform to integrate life skills and HIV & AIDS education across the South African curriculum. All items are supported by the facilitator’s guide.

Feroza’s Story is used to support personal development and nurture healthy attitudes and behaviour amongst children and their mentors.

We are working towards developing a second story and package to explore topics including growing up, relationships, gender and differences.

Although the Feroza resources are created for a South African audience, we can consider adaptations and translations for other needs as requested.