The African Pulse

An integrated approach

The African Pulse intends its materials to complement the Life Orientation curriculum. This entails education around issues such as growing up, peer pressure, taking responsibility for healthy living. HIV&AIDS education is a component of this content. Isolating HIV&AIDS education can promote prejudice and lead to further stigmatisation, therefore it is of high importance to use an integrated approach by looking at broader contexts and issues.

Integrating HIV&AIDS education into other learning areas such as mathematics, language, sciences or arts can not only provide different platforms from which to promote awareness but it can also assist teachers in the increasing pressures they face in outcome based education.

The African Pulse Curriculum model

The mandatory 20 hours of HIV&AIDS education per annum can now be achieved in a number of ways through all learning areas. The African Pulse intends to provide the tools to ease this integration and the training to facilitate it successfully.

Some areas where an integrated approach might be possible, using The African Pulse materials, may include:

  • 1st/ 2nd language reading/ writing / listening/ debating skills;
  • Statistics, percentages, graphs, ratio, research skills in mathematics;
  • Populations, economy, society and world geography;
  • Systems of the human body and nutrition in science;
  • Creative expression, art, drama, dance, storytelling.