The African Pulse

The Vision

The African Pulse equips young people to make informed life choices in a world affected by HIV and AIDS.

The Mission

Our mission is to provide schools and communities in Africa with innovative, relevant teaching resources and skills to promote healthy living. This will be achieved in partnership with stakeholders to ensure an inclusive, far-reaching and sustainable approach.
Aims and Objectives

These are to:

  • Advance HIV prevention in schools;
  • Nurture skills and attitudes required to sustain healthy life choices;
  • Produce local, relevant materials to improve capacity for teaching life skills and HIV/AIDS education;
  • Engage learners through interactive, entertaining and educational tools;
  • Provide innovative, flexible and user friendly resources;
  • Enhance the integration of HIV/AIDS and life skills learning into other subject areas; and
  • Empower educators to be the agents of change in this crisis